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Your team will thank you.

Your team will thank you.



Per-manager pricing

Per-manager Pricing

Per-manager Pricing



/ manager

per month,

billed annually

Includes all features for unlimited teams and 1‑on‑1s

Working Styles

DiSC assessment

Personal working style profiles based on DiSC

Personal leadership style insights

Team strengths & blind spots insights


AI-generated performance reviews

Role-based feedback from 1:1s and team meetings

'Lost' topic detection and reminders

Suggested 1:1 manager topics

Suggested 1:1 direct report topics

Difficult conversation guides

Team Health

Anonymous team survey measuring 7 dimensions of healthy teams


AI-generated meeting note summaries & topic suggestions

'Key meeting points' list organized by detected topic

Detected tasks into task manager

AI-generated meeting agendas

Use in live meetings or from recordings

Team + Individual Task Manager

Automatic task detection in meetings

Team task manager

Private task list

Automatic task list collation

Goals & OKRs

Company-level goals

Team-level goals

Individual goals

Automated performance 'highlight reel'

Privacy & Security

Full privacy settings to keep 1‑on‑1 conversations completely private

Audio & visual files not stored

Internal and external meeting settings

Company pricing

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for pricing customized to fit your company's unique needs.

for customized pricing to fit your company or organ needs.


Simple pricing, free employee seats

Easy onboarding

Maintain user privacy


Combined team health data

Company performance metrics

Work-throughput analysis

Aggregated views

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